SI Network Sploder
Global Statistics  

SI Network Sploder Operators Have Made $L1705774 in Commissions.


There are Currently 77 Locations Across the Grid Playing The SI Network Sploder.


Total Number of Rounds Played = 32521


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Top 15 Winners
Last 90 Days
BlaneDemont Resident$L169669
LordStallion Resident$L157530
Ang3lSnyder Resident$L136144
BlkBird Resident$L90472
Challto Resident$L76774
micael Aboubakar$L72976
charliehopper10 Resident$L41684
dragonheartssmexyfirecracker Resident$L41559
MrSnyder Resident$L40922
starlyn Harvy$L34064
JAMESXHITE Resident$L31506
veertje Fhang$L29573
AngelTarra Resident$L25964
OoChicken Resident$L25674
Doman Onmura$L25548
Last 30 Days
LordStallion Resident$L101960
Ang3lSnyder Resident$L82106
micael Aboubakar$L72976
BlkBird Resident$L63750
BlaneDemont Resident$L44180
dragonheartssmexyfirecracker Resident$L41559
veertje Fhang$L23337
Snowy12006 Resident$L23200
DaisyDuke02 Resident$L17188
charliehopper10 Resident$L15225
Lizah Inglewood$L15143
Doman Onmura$L14816
MrSnyder Resident$L13934
WoodzeyGurl Resident$L11887
shannonf Resident$L11740
Last 7 Days
micael Aboubakar$L34761
BlkBird Resident$L17378
LordStallion Resident$L17303
DaisyDuke02 Resident$L6091
Lizah Inglewood$L4583
Doman Onmura$L4563
Cherokee Demar$L4277
Snowy12006 Resident$L3580
DarqueAngel81 Resident$L2485
brodygates Resident$L2446
kwauzzie1 Resident$L2415
kplove69 Resident$L2409
Bronsonn Oh$L2186
Dizzy Rubble$L2173
eagleman67 Resident$L1846
Top 10 Locations by Earnings
Last 30 Days
The Hidden Rooster Club$L247143
Home Sweet Home$L57192
Hipsters Club , Rock Hard Designs & Sinister Choppers$L44770
SBMC Club & Hangout$L33225
-- :BittR.end: -- BEST Rock and Metal Night Club on the GRID$L27929
Skybox Select Rental 003 $L22544
Somewhere lost in the forest$L22455
micael Aboubakar$L20846

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Good Luck.

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Full rules for SI Network Sploder can be found here SI Network Sploder Customer Appreciation Rewards Program (CARP)

Want more control over how your SI Network Sploder interacts with your environment? Check out the SI Network Sploder's Public Link Messages (PLM).


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