SI Network Sploder
Global Statistics  

SI Network Sploder Operators Have Made $L1903855 in Commissions.


There are Currently 93 Locations Across the Grid Playing The SI Network Sploder.


Total Number of Rounds Played = 35358


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Top 15 Winners
Last 90 Days
BlaneDemont Resident$L66786
Calista Nightfire$L44713
veertje Fhang$L43148
Doman Onmura$L32671
BlkBird Resident$L27569
Minah Krovac$L25863
Kristina Rosca$L24608
xxIKANLUVUxx Resident$L24354
Rondown Resident$L23027
AngelTarra Resident$L22516
TristanRai Resident$L21748
shannonf Resident$L21131
nightlily Resident$L20846
JesterofSorrow Resident$L17092
LordStallion Resident$L16100
Last 30 Days
BlaneDemont Resident$L40267
veertje Fhang$L22661
TristanRai Resident$L19805
Kristina Rosca$L14839
xxIKANLUVUxx Resident$L11483
LordStallion Resident$L10866
joyce Runningbear$L10202
AngelTarra Resident$L10179
Minah Krovac$L9511
BlkBird Resident$L9375
Doman Onmura$L9146
shannonf Resident$L8207
xxdesirexx Resident$L7933
nightlily Resident$L7407
JesterofSorrow Resident$L6734
Last 7 Days
BlaneDemont Resident$L8669
Kristina Rosca$L3381
Dryania Resident$L3260
Flamz Bluestar$L2596
BlkBird Resident$L2495
nightlily Resident$L2259
veertje Fhang$L2215
xxIKANLUVUxx Resident$L1951
Myst Marais$L1906
Calista Nightfire$L1861
Doman Onmura$L1826
RainahVanya Resident$L1571
xxdesirexx Resident$L1423
AustinJamesAbbot Resident$L1283
OooDonnaooO Resident$L1215
Top 10 Locations by Earnings
Last 30 Days
The Hidden Rooster Club$L51132
Dutch Hangout Club BED $L35649
Mr.&Mrs. Demont$L27842
The ~Snakes~ Den$L22902
::LostSouls:: $L20218
-- :BittR.end: -- The BEST Rock and Alternative Night Club$L19590
Land of KAOTiKAN Fish Hunt, Potions, Snuffles and Pet Peddlers $L13628

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Good Luck.

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Full rules for SI Network Sploder can be found here SI Network Sploder Customer Appreciation Rewards Program (CARP)

Want more control over how your SI Network Sploder interacts with your environment? Check out the SI Network Sploder's Public Link Messages (PLM).


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