SI Network Sploder
Global Statistics  

SI Network Sploder Operators Have Made $L1493779 in Commissions.


There are Currently 74 Locations Across the Grid Playing The SI Network Sploder.


Total Number of Rounds Played = 29851


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Top 15 Winners
Last 90 Days
JAMESXHITE Resident$L69104
OooDonnaooO Resident$L45506
CyllyaStar Resident$L27740
Challto Resident$L27301
BlaneDemont Resident$L22615
starlyn Harvy$L19606
Rondown Resident$L18792
baycitydude Resident$L15189
iWicca Resident$L14970
drulive Resident$L14018
NOSTRADAMUS4690 Resident$L13351
AngelBlu Zarco$L12755
charliehopper10 Resident$L11891
Darlene Zane$L11636
Natalya Moonshadow$L11059
Last 30 Days
Challto Resident$L27301
JAMESXHITE Resident$L26591
BlaneDemont Resident$L22615
starlyn Harvy$L19501
CyllyaStar Resident$L15445
drulive Resident$L14018
iWicca Resident$L12199
charliehopper10 Resident$L9801
Natalya Moonshadow$L9698
OoChicken Resident$L8762
Miko Masukami$L7688
nitrogem Resident$L7527
NickSavage Resident$L5860
djlionheart Lordhunter$L5673
AngelBlu Zarco$L4934
Last 7 Days
BlaneDemont Resident$L10621
Challto Resident$L7839
NickSavage Resident$L5026
starlyn Harvy$L5023
JAMESXHITE Resident$L4281
MorganMonington Resident$L4023
HeartAttacks Resident$L3907
drulive Resident$L3110
Docnice Resident$L3069
Natalya Moonshadow$L2533
xJennifer29x Resident$L2405
Delfie36 Resident$L2242
OoChicken Resident$L2185
veertje Fhang$L2163
FokUTit Resident$L2153
Top 10 Locations by Earnings
Last 30 Days
Nights Oasis$L71719
Ukolji Dance Club and biggest shopping mall$L58547
Boulder Creek$L31441
Savage City-Urban Roleplay-Grunge$L19750
Sloppy Joes Bar & Rock Club - LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!$L14825
THE NEST EGG MARKETPLACE for ALL breedable pets!!$L13845
-- :BittR.end: -- Rock and Metal Night Club and Mall$L13283
-- :BittR.end: -- BEST Rock and Metal Night Club on the GRID$L11824
Mikos Nude Beach - Home of Asian Ladyboys$L10296

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Good Luck.

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Full rules for SI Network Sploder can be found here SI Network Sploder Customer Appreciation Rewards Program (CARP)

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